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Chiqui Arce: “We must not throw in the towel”

The two-time champion of America Palmeiras exhibited his power in the second half and ended up beating a lackadaisical Cerro Porteño 3-0 today to leave the round of 16 series of the Copa Libertadores close to sentencing.

In the first half, the azulgrana team managed to control Gustavo Gómez’s team, who could not find a way around the defensive approach of the Ciclón resulting in a procedure with practically no dangerous situations in front of the goals, with which half-time was reached with a justified 0-0.

The story completely changed in the supplementary stage. And everything collapsed for those of Chiqui Arce.

In the 60th minute the ‘resistance’ of the Paraguayan cast ended, when Rony opened the scoring and gave Palmeiras a free pass to start showing off their offensive ability, which appeared in all its splendor with multiple goals in the group stage of this same edition of the Cup.

At 69′, Rony himself extended his personal account in a play that was first annulled for ‘offside’, but the VAR check ended up being validated to leave the provisional 2-0.

And as if that were not enough, in the 87th minute the defender Murilo took advantage of a weak Cerrista defensive task and, after a first shot blocked in a great way by Jean Fernandes, the rebound served him the ball again to sentence the final 3-0 .

The rematch will be played in a week in Sao Paulo, where Cerro Porteño will appeal to a historical epic to seek the miracle of staying alive in Conmebol Libertadores 2022.

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