Chinandegana family turns two months without knowing about a Nicaraguan migrant who disappeared in the US.

Kevin Josué Navarro, 25, is originally from the municipality of Villanueva, in the north of the department of Chinandega. The young man emigrated to the United States to help his sister and his mother financially, but they lost contact with him for approximately two months.

“Kevin has always been a hard worker, hard-working and committed to us who are his family,” said María José Navarro, Kevin’s sister, who regrets not knowing where and how he has been since that time.

Navarro grew up in the hot municipality of Villanueva, where he worked hard in various informal activities that generated income to survive. In addition, the young man found in the artisanal extraction of gold a way to survive for a while until he could no longer continue.

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“He knew many people who worked removing land from the mine and they took it to the mill and removed something of value,” his sister commented. On a productive day, Kevin made a good amount of money, but on a bad day there wasn’t enough profit to support the house, help his mother and sister.

He called daily, but one day no more

As soon as he could gather some of the money to pay “the coyote”, he headed for the northern country, as thousands of young Nicaraguans have done since the country became difficult to live in. Kevin had the idea of ​​working tirelessly, to improve himself financially, and he had made it known to his family when they communicated.

«My brother paid a percentage of the debt he acquired to leave and the other part had to pay it when he worked in the United States. The first thing he did was start making the payments. When he believed that he no longer owed, they informed him that the debt doubled because on the way to the United States, they took serious risks and paid bribes,” the sister told this report.

María José Navarro, Kevin’s sister, reported that the young man worked in a hotel in Santa Ana, California. «My brother emigrated a year ago, and he called us daily or in his free hours. He has been missing since May 4 and now we know nothing about him,” she said.

Report on disappearance

The young woman indicated that she filed the complaint with US authorities and assured that they have received support. “The police opened an investigation and they have been supporting us despite the fact that she arrived illegally and has no papers, but so far they have not obtained any news about her whereabouts,” she recounted.

In addition to the police, the family receives support in search efforts from the organization Texas Nicaraguan Community, TNC, which has disseminated information about Kevin Navarro. Her sister Maria José asks anyone who has information about her brother to let her know at the telephone number (+502) 8990-2570.

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