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China: Shanghai tightens restrictions due to coronavirus outbreak

The eastern chinese city of shanghai has intensified prevention measures at a time that local authorities define as a “critical phase” in the fight against an Omicron outbreak that already leaves 36 deaths after the 11 new ones registered this Thursday, local media reported today.

The city detected 17,629 symptomatic and asymptomatic infections this Thursday (counted separately by the Chinese authorities), a figure that represents a decrease of 4.7% compared to the previous day. However, the number of deaths grew compared to the previous days.

The massive PCR tests, one of the pillars of the Chinese strategy against the coronavirus together with the closure of borders, the isolation of the infected and the limitation of movements where cases are registered, will increase in certain neighborhoods of the city, depending on their level. of infections.

In addition, the movements of health workers and delivery men between some urbanizations will be limited to minimize infections between different communities, according to local media.

Likewise, the tasks of disinfection of public spaces have been redoubled and the placement of sensors and alarms has been ordered on the doors of those infected who receive permission to isolate themselves in their homes, the newspaper collects. Global Timesquoted by Eph.

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan, sent by the central government to Shanghai, called on local authorities “not to rest” until they trace, isolate and treat all those residents who test positive for COVID-19 in the city of 25 million. population.

The deputy prime minister urged local officials to soon achieve the goal of “zero COVID in society” in Shanghai, which refers to the absence of new positive cases outside of quarantine centers, hospitals and neighborhoods classified as “high risk.” ”.

The authorities of the city, which has been partially or totally confined since the end of March, still do not have a reopening date: government representatives explained today that the confinement will be lifted in parts as contagions outside the quarantine areas are eliminated.

Despite the discontent shown by many Shanghai residents on social networks, the authorities explained that the situation “shows a positive trend” and assured that the city will soon return to normal if it adheres to current policies.

The tightening of the measures is aimed at cutting community transmission of the virus “in early May”, according to public health expert Chen Xi, quoted by the Global Times. Given the intensification of the PCR campaigns, Chen warned of the danger of contagion in the queues prior to said tests.

Coronavirus: Shanghai announces its first deaths since confinement

Some Shanghai residents have assured on social networks that to reduce the risk of contagion among neighbors, they have been asked to maintain a safe distance during PCR tests, which in some cases have been carried out door to door.

Since the start of the pandemic, Shanghai has recorded a total of 39,643 symptomatic cases of COVID-19 and 43 deaths.


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