Chimoré lifts his blockade; paved road guarantee

Yolanda Mamani Cayo / La Paz

After three days of blockade and economic losses, the residents of Chimoré, in the Cochabamba tropics, lifted the blockade of the highway to Santa Cruz last night due to the agreement reached between the central and municipal governments for the asphalting of a regional route.

“The blockade is lifted (…) There is an agreement that we have been looking for for a long time. Thank God we already have the result that we so much hope for, which is the 50% financing from the national government for the execution of the Senda B Airport asphalt paving,” said the leader of the mobilized, Tito Gonzales.

The residents of Chimoré celebrated the commitment of the central and municipal governments to a project that had been pending for more than 13 years. This is the “asphalted road project continuation of Student Senda B avenue”, in the municipality of Chimoré.


The construction of this work dates from 2009, in the government of Evo Morales, who promised to pave this road in compensation for the expropriation of 15.7 hectares for the construction of the Chimoré Airport. Commitment that Morales did not fulfill in all his efforts.

Currently, the government of Luis Arce, through the Minister of Planning, Gabriela Mendoza, promised to finance 50% of the work and the remaining 50% will be in charge of the municipality of Chimoré, in charge of Mayor Melquiades Claure. Gonzalez.

The asphalting has a total cost of 13,666,914 bolivianos, of which 6,833,457 bolivianos will be financed by the central government, that is, half the cost, and the remaining payment (50%) will be the responsibility of the municipality, which will make use of its resources or a loan that will request the National Fund for Regional Development, says the document signed last night.

“The GAM Chimoré (…) will hire the Bolivian Strategic Company for the Construction and Conservation of Civil Infrastructure – EBC, for the execution of the project,” reads the last part of the document signed last night.

Harm and annoyance

More than 1,000 cargo trucks and tankers stopped in an endless line, poultry dead and thrown on the road, stones, tree branches and people sitting on the interdepartmental highway between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz was the panorama of three days of tension, protest and blockade.

In the night hours, after the announcement of the end of the conflict, the Police, with the help of machinery, began to clean the road and leave it free of debris while the trucks waited for the green light to resume their journey.

The blockade is lifted. There is an agreement that is the financing of the Government of 50% for the execution of the asphalting

Tito Gonzales, manager

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