Chile Vamos slides to deliver quotas to Democrats and Yellows for the nomination of experts in the new constituent process

Facing the nomination of those who will make up the Committee of Experts of the new constituent process, the president of the UDI, Javier Macaya, opened the door to the possibility that Chile Vamos hand over quotas to Yellows or Democrats for the nomination of the experts.

In this sense, the trade union helmsman pointed out that “it would be complex for the process and for its success, if it appears that the political parties are only contributing to their respective interests, this process. That is why we believe that we have to act with the maximum generosity, there is rules that have to do not only with the appointment of experts, but also with the joint structure that it has”.

That is why Macaya invited to integrate the people who actively participated in the last constitutional process, especially those who sought to reject said constitutional proposal in view of a “good and new” Fundamental Charter.

“Let’s incorporate all those people who participated with great force in the epic of September 4, in the epic of having a good and new Constitution, and that includes the group of the Yellows and the Democrats,” said the UDI helmsman.

Along the same lines, Macaya maintained that “if you look at this in party quotas, you look at it in the logic of political quota, if you look at a list of people who were hopefully in a unity of purpose similar to that of September 4, You probably don’t even have to allocate them by party or by party membership.”

“It is very likely that from Chile Vamos we will have to give seats to political forces that do not have representation in Parliament, in that Yellows or that do not have enough to get a single name, in that Democrats; they are conversations that are being held,” concluded the leader of the UDI.

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