Chile Vamos pulls out its teeth after pardons from President Boric: they get off the security table and RN will seek constitutional accusation against the Minister of Justice

President gabriel boric pardoned 13 people this Friday -12 convicted in the framework of the demonstrations of the social outbreak, and the ex-frontist Jorge Mateluna-. This generated hives in the opposition: Chile Vamos got off the table due to the security agreement, while Renovación Nacional will seek to constitutionally accuse the Minister of Justice, Marcela Rios.

The bench of RN deputies indicated that they will get off the security table. The head of the bench, Andrew Longtonpointed to President Boric and said that “while the country cries out for criminals to be imprisoned, you dedicate yourself to freeing them. We are not going to continue talking with the Government in those conditions.”

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Meanwhile, the UDI bench of deputies issued a statement, where they also announced their removal from the table. “We express our decision to suspend indefinitely the participation in the security table with the Government and, failing that, we will start work to promote our own legal initiatives in the Chamber of Deputies,” they pointed out.

For his part, the chief of senators Evópoli, Luciano Cruz-Cokestated that “today Chile Vamos will subtract from that table and will try to push through Congress all the security projects that allow Chileans to live in peace and not protect criminals who are taking to the streets today.”

Accusation against Minister of Justice

The deputy and general secretary of RN, diego schalperannounced in a video that the party will seek to constitutionally accuse the Minister of Justice, Marcela Ríos.

“As National Renovation, we have made the decision to launch a constitutional accusation against Minister Marcela Ríos, with the conviction that we cannot continue endorsing a Ministry of Justice that is inoperative and ineffective,” said Schalper,

In addition, he pointed out that they will promote their “own security agenda” in Congress.

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