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April 19, 2023
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Chile Vamos conditions “comprehensive dialogue” and asks the Government to withdraw the RUF project and remove urgency from Royalty Minero

The presidents of the Chile Vamos parties sent a letter to the President on Tuesday gabriel boric with four measures for a “comprehensive dialogue”. Among the requests is that the Government withdraw the draft Rules for the Use of Force and that it remove the legislative urgency from the mining royalty initiative.

The letter was sent after the Ministry of Finance contacted representatives of Chile Vamos on March 16 to invite them to talk about a “transversal agreement on tax matters.” The wallet holder Mario Marcelyesterday sent a letter to the presidents of the UDI, RN and Evópoli for a meeting at Teatinos 120, to be held on Thursday.

The letter sent by Chile Vamos states: “We want to formally invite the government that you lead to a comprehensive dialogue, in which we resolve different insecurities of Chileans in a single politically binding agreement.”

The representatives of the opposition coalition pointed to the “insecurity (of citizens) of going out, fighting the criminal crisis; their health insecurity, facing the health crisis; and their economic insecurity, facing social emergencies with a pact fiscal and integral development”.

the four points

The first point of the letter sent by Chile Vamos is related to the withdrawal of the project on Rules for the Use of Force (RUF), recently entered into Congress, with the purpose of “generating a text of agreement.”

The foregoing, they assure in the letter, with the objective of “better reconciling the necessary support and operational support to the forces of order with the necessary action of the same within the framework of the legal system.”

In the second point, the opposition requested to set up a comprehensive work agenda on public security. For this, they required to incorporate a series of “specific measures and deadlines in terms of prevention, response, control, detention, trial, conviction and criminal reinsertion.”

Thirdly, Chile Vamos called to withdraw the legislative urgency of the project on Mining Royalty. According to the opposition bloc, this is due to the fact that the Executive presented its latest indication without having held a prior dialogue with them.

In this sense, the text maintains that “an agreement is sought that, inserted in the global tax issue, allows Chile to be placed at the same level as other mining countries with which it competes.”

In the fourth point, the right requested the formation of a multidisciplinary table between the Government and Chile Vamos to work on a global agreement to execute the three measures detailed above. “Sectors that want to join” may participate in this table.

It should be noted that the document was signed by the president of the UDI, Javier Macaya; National Renewal (RN), Francisco Chahuán; Evopoli; Gloria Hutt; the general secretary of the UDI, María José Hoffmann; RN General Secretary; Diego Schalper and the general secretary of Evópoli, Juan Carlos González.

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