Children of Violeta Granera regret that their mother accumulates "365 days of unjust detention"

Children of Violeta Granera regret that their mother accumulates “365 days of unjust detention”

The relatives of the political prisoner Violet Barn They regretted that the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo persists in keeping the opposition deprived of liberty. On June 8, the leader of the Blue and White National Unity (UNAB) completed one year of being locked up in the cells of the Evaristo Vásquez Police Complex.

«A year ago, while our mother was watching the news, several police patrols came to her house, beat her despite the fact that she did not resist and deprived her of her liberty, keeping her in a house jail, until three days later was transferred to the cells of Judicial Aid”, detailed her children through a brief release.

The activist was sentenced to eight years in prison and disqualified from holding public office by the Fifth Judge of the Criminal Trial District, Félix Ernesto Salmerón Moreno. The Prosecutor’s Office accused her of allegedly “conspiring to undermine national integrity.”

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The Ortega regime prosecuted Granera together the candidates for the Presidency Arturo Cruz, Juan Sebastián Chamorro and Félix Maradiaga, the businessman José Adán Aguerri, the veteran politician José Pallais and the leader of the UNAB, Tamara Dávila.

The judicial process against the seven hostages of the dictatorship was carried out during seven marathon hearings. The evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office was based on WhatsApp messages between political prisoners, records of raids and items seized from detainees in their homes such as cell phones, USB flash drives, computers and other personal items.

Health of Violeta Granera in deterioration

Violeta Granera, 70 years old, is presenting health problems. Her relatives denounce lack of medical attention. The political prisoner has presented a high pressure crisis; she suffers from heart problems and her body has white and red spots.

Her relatives reiterated their concern about the UNAB member’s state of health, since Granera told them that she feels physically weak, “that her body is deteriorating and that there are mornings when it is very hard for her to get up.”

Violeta Granera’s health deteriorating. Her family requests a change in the prison regime. Photo: Courtesy

On the seventh visit to the political prisoner in “El Chipote”, her relatives were able to verify the deterioration in her health and in view of this, they have asked the judicial authorities of the Ortega and Murillo regime to change her the penitentiary system to house arrest“which is stipulated by law due to his status as valetudinary person.”

In addition, they say they are afraid that her health could worsen and that she will not be treated properly. “We, his children and family, are proud of his spiritual strength, but we are extremely alarmed by his physical condition. Our mother is 70 years old, she has multiple chronic health problems, the deterioration is evident,” they highlighted.

Message to Violet

In a brief letter, a friend of Violeta Granera regretted that a year had passed without seeing her, without hearing her voice, without hugging her or sharing a moment with her.

«My mind and my heart have you in mind my dear Violeta, I admire and miss you so much. I wish I could have those long talks from before, in which we exchanged so many ideas and emotions; seeing you smile in person and being able to hug you so tight that they can’t lock you up again,” she said.

«They do not know that they have achieved nothing because your voice continues to resonate in our minds, your words of encouragement, advising patience, tolerance and love remain in our hearts. I have faith and trust that soon we will see each other again and get rid of this injustice that started on a day like today a year ago, “he added.

For their part, her children expressed: “Mom, we have missed you each of these 365 days, and we ask God and the Virgin that you can return home soon.”

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