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Children in Las Tunas infected with virus that affects mouth, hands and feet

MADRID, Spain.- Children in the province of Las Tunas, in eastern Cuba, are suffering from an infectious disease that affects the mouth, hands and feet.

Due to the degree of contagion of the virus, the health authorities of Manatí, the most affected municipality, called for intensifying disinfection measures and the isolation of those infected.

The virus can be transmitted by the respiratory route and through direct and indirect contact, he specified Newspaper 26 Yaima Pérez Chivás, the specialist in Health Promotion and Education in this region.

The disease mainly affects children under five years of age and presents with symptoms similar to those of influenza (flu), sores around the mouth, rash on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, which appears with flat spots , or slightly elevated; sometimes with blisters that have a reddened area at the base.

According to the specialist’s statements, as part of the measures to prevent the spread of the virus several salons were temporarily closed from the Botoncitos de Rosa children’s circle, attended by children diagnosed with the disease; as well as a systematic investigation and disinfection in several educational centers of the municipality.

For its part, the Provincial Health Directorate of Las Tunas reported through the social network Facebook that among the measures to prevent the disease are frequent hand washing; avoid sharing food and utensils; disinfect objects that have been in contact with infected people, avoid greeting with kisses and cover the mouth when sneezing, preferably with the forearm.

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