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April 9, 2023
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Childbirth on the floor of the Itauguá hospital: Mother and child evolve favorably

The Department of Neurosurgery, of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UNA-Hospital de Clínicas, performs more than 40 neurosurgeries per month and most of them are complex; many more patients require care in outpatient clinics.

This was confirmed by Dr. Diego Laconich, head of the aforementioned department, who explained that the most frequent complex pathologies treated They are spinal, for example hernias and degenerative disc diseases.

While, among brain pathologies, the most frequent are aftermath of accidents, that is, the head trauma and then there are brain tumors and vascular pathologies”.

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The Department of Neurosurgery has fellow of various subspecialties such as pediatric neurosurgery, of brain tumors, spinal fellow, vascular and cerebral fellow, very important given that it is still a relatively new service, officially created in 2013 as a department.

“It is also important to highlight that this department has been training future specialists in Neurosurgery. ANDn these moments we have a total of 5 residents in trainingand that generally finish 1 or 2 per year, remembering that the specialty lasts 5 years”, indicated Dr. Laconich.

A quarterly report records that only in the first three months of this year 2023, have intervened extremely complex and serious cases.

“We had the case of the pregnant patient who was very complex due to the context of the situation, which turned out to be a frontal meningioma on the right side”; he counted her.

She reported that the case was one of the most complex, since she was pregnant and they had little time, so she had to do the neurosurgery which, in turn, forced a emergency caesarean section.

“Another complex case we had was a arteriovenous malformation in a young patientbecause it is a vascular surgery. surgeries most frequent that we have are the brain aneurysm surgeries, that are observed more and more in very young people”, he explained.

Figures Department of Neurosurgery

– Approximately 200 patients per month receive care by external Neurosurgery clinics.

– Nails 40 scheduled surgeries per month approximately

– And in this last month, 30 emergency surgeries are performeds by the team of Neurosurgeons of the FCM UNA – Hospital de Clínicas.

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