8-year-old girl dies of possible chikungunya

Chikungunya: they will define a treatment guide, with experience from Asunción and Central

During the round of questions at the Public Health press conference, the director of Surveillance, Guillermo Sequera, was asked about the progress in the meetings held with PAHO representatives.

“We are closing with the scientific and pediatric societies on treatment algorithms for children. To agree on treatment. There is a lot of uncertainty about it,” she expressed.

In addition, he announced that: “We are going to make a plan for the dissemination of the management treatment guides, I hope that next week we will have, hopefully on Monday already, so that the other departments that are starting the epidemic have a guide, unlike us, who when it started, we found ourselves a bit lost in the treatment, found us without much experience”Sequera acknowledged.

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He recalled that three weeks ago, after the first days of the PAHO visit, the entity issued a regional alert, warning neighboring countries about the atypical behavior of chikungunya.

Other visits were scheduled later. As of Monday, computer scientists will arrive to help with information and surveillance aspects.

The latest Public Health report on chikungunya reveals that, So far this year there have been 51 deaths from this disease. Although Asunción and Central concentrate 70% of the cases, the percentage is declining, dispersing to other departments.

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