La Gran Maestra Maritza Arribas. Foto: Calixto N. Llanes/Jit.

Chess: Cuban Maritza Arribas among the references of the Capablanca In Memoriam tournament

Cuban Maritza Arribas reached the third round this Thursday as one of the leaders of the Premier group in 55 Capablanca in Memory International Tournament of chess, which is celebrated in the capital Cuban National Hotel according to official media on the island.

In her most recent presentation, the chess player from Santiago, whose Elo coefficient is 2228 points, achieved a victory over the Cuban Yuleisy Hernández, and adds 1.5 units, according to a note published by the specialized website Hit.

The same accumulated presents the Romanian Irina Bulgama (2379), who the date shared honors with the young local Ineymig Hernández (2 thousand 328), while Yaniela Forgas (2336), the current champion of the Island, starred in the surprises of the round , by beating the Peruvian Deisi Cori (2391), one of the main favorites to dominate the segment.

The media points out that the South American went through a “complicated” half game with some advantage, but the rush due to the short time on her clock “ended up taking its toll.”

In the rest of the clashes of the group, which brings together the ten best registered players, the Cuban Lisandra Ordaz (2373) made peace with the Argentine Carolina Luján (2330) while the Polish Oliwia Kiolbasa (2388) managed to tilt the king of the hostess Yerisbel Miranda (2288), refers Hit.

After these outcomes, behind Maritza and Bulmaga there is a group of players who accumulate a point and that includes Cori, Luján, Yaniela, Kiolbasa, Ineymig and Ordaz. Yerisbel and Yuleisy go next, both with half a line in their accumulated.

Meanwhile, in the Elite section, the Argentine Sandro Mareco (2652) again showed signs this Wednesday that he is in excellent shape and achieved his second success in the same incursions, this time over the Cuban Omar Almeida.

Chess: Elite group of the Capablanca tournament “will be attractive”, according to Cuban expert

According to the source, Mareco “did and undid as he pleased” to prevail after 53 sets of a Pirc defense, and already adds two units to his account.

At the other extreme of the results was the Cuban Carlos Damiel Albornoz, who conceded another defeat now at the hands of the Azerbaijani Vasif Durarbayli (2628), while the Indian Surya Ganguly (2609) imposed his talent on the current king of the Island, Yasser Quesada (2579), points Hit.

Completing the winners of the date was the American Hans Niemann (2,637), better than the Cuban Isán Ortiz (2,533), and the balance between the Tuco Mustafa Yilmaz (2,624) and the local Luis Ernesto Quesada (2,519).

After two rounds, Mareco is the undisputed leader of the main section of the tournament, ahead of Ganguly, Niemann and Durarbayli, who have 1.5 points. They are followed by Luis Ernesto and Yilmaz with 1, Yasser, Omar and Isán accumulate half a unit and Albornoz has not yet added.

Nearly 300 chess players animate the 55th edition of one of the main chess tournaments held in Latin America, divided into the Elite and Premier Groups, as well as the traditional Open segment and the children’s fight Looking for a Capablancawhich brings together children up to 16 years old and distributes prizes by age.

As a novelty, on this occasion the event convened a key with Senior category for players over 60 years of age. The event returned to face-to-face form after two years postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and brings together chess players from Argentina, the United States, Spain, India, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Peru, Romania, Poland, Colombia, Brazil, Canada, Chile , Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela.

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