La Chef Tita: «Raquelita necesita apoyo, no puede enfrentar esto sola»

Chef Tita: “Raquelita needs support, she cannot face this alone”

Ines Paez Ninalso known as The Chef Titaasked the population through his Instagram account, monetary help for his assistant and former contestant of MasterChef Raquelita Guerraafter her ex-husband stabbed her mother to death and stabbed her 19-year-old son, who is now torn between life and death.

The Chef Auntwho posted the video from the Dario Contreras Hospital together with the nutritional consultant, Hiedy Paniaguaexpressed that Raquelita needs a lot of support in this situation, both financially and psychologically, because his son Gustavo Waris in a precarious situation.

“She (Raquelita Guerra) and her young children will find any help with which we can support her to be able to cover medical expenses, funeral home, food and a roof over her head,” said Chef Tita.

In the description of the video, Chef Aunt points out that the alleged murderer had had several verbal confrontations with Raquelita and her family, and even sometimes physically abused her children, all this despite having a prohibition on closeness with them.

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Details of the tragedy

Last Thursday, April 14, the perpetrator Ricardo Antonio Abreuwithout anyone knowing the reasons, entered the house of the mother of Raquelita and stabbed her 25 times, which caused the woman’s immediate death. her grandson, Gustavo Wartried to stop the attack, but in his attempt to intervene, he was stabbed nine times by the aggressor, a situation that keeps him in a very delicate state in the Dario Contreras Hospital. The incident occurred in front of other minor children in the house.

According to versions of residents of the residence, the aggressor is a “violent” manbecause he had threatened Raquel with death several times, which is why the young woman then placed a restraining order against him.

The other children, trying to save their lives, ran away from the place, currently, they have been left in the care of a neighbor, in Santo Domingo East.

The crime was confirmed yesterday by the spokesman for the National Police, Diego Pesqueirawho pointed out that the murderer was arrested and that in the next few hours he will be made available to the Public ministry.

Pesqueira said that the institution has the murder weapon and that, according to data collected, the man acted for “passionate reasons.”

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