Cheese and eggs continue to rise and threaten to disappear from the Nicaraguan diet

Dairy wholesalers located in the Iván Montenegro market in Managua report that the price of a pound of cheese and a box of eggs continues to rise.

This week, the pound of dry cheese increased two córdobas per pound, reaching 97 córdobas per pound, one of the highest prices in the history of Nicaragua, being a producing country.

According to dairy traders, last week, a pound of cheese was quoted at 95 córdobas and with the arrival of winter, they hoped that prices would drop, but it has not happened.

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“Cheese is more expensive, instead of going down, the price per pound went up and that is reducing our sales, no one from the producers gives an answer about the increases that are suffocating the public,” explained a saleswoman from the distributor René Daniel, in the Iván Montenegro Market.

Beat the consumer.  Cheese price reaches almost 100 córdobas.  Photo: Article 66 / Internet
Beat the consumer. Cheese price reaches 97 córdobas. Photo: Article 66 / Internet

In the Roberto Huembes Market, a pound of dry cheese is quoted between 110 and 120 córdobas, an almost unpayable value for families. “Cheese is getting more expensive every day, it’s already worth almost the same as a pound of meat,” complained a resident who was shopping in Huembes.

Box of priceless eggs

Another staple in the Nicaraguan diet that has risen in price in the last week is the box of eggs, with an increase of five córdobas.

“Egg producers say there is a shortage and that is why they raised the price. The boxes have risen five córdobas,” explained a dairy merchant from the Iván Montenegro market.

Currently, the box of eggs has a value of 145, 155 and up to 165 córdobas. “The price depends on the quality and size of the egg,” the seller explained.

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