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Check the presidential candidates’ agenda for this Friday (16/9)

This is the agenda of the 11 presidential candidates for this Friday (16). There will be candidates campaigning in all regions of the country. There are face-to-face meetings, interviews and other activities scheduled.Check the presidential candidates' agenda for this Friday (16/9)

Ciro Gomes (PDT): at 10:30 am, he participates in a political act on the sidewalk in Campina Grande (PB). At 3 pm, he performs a political act with PDT candidates and militancy in Cidade Velha, in Belém. At 5:30 pm, he has a meeting with fellow governor Waldez Góes at Maracatu’s headquarters, in Macapá.

Eymael Constituent (DC): at 2:00 pm, he will walk in Santo André (SP).

Felipe D’Avila (New): candidate fulfills agenda in municipalities of Goiás. At 11:45, visit the NGO Pontes de Amor, in Uberlândia. At 2:30 pm, still in Uberlândia, he visits the Yamo company. At 16:00 he participates in a reception at the Novo committee in Uberaba and follows at 17:15 for a visit to Café do Mercadão, in the Historic Center. At times he meets with business entities at the Commercial and Industrial Association of Uberaba and at 8:30 pm he has dinner with members of the Novo party, in Uberaba.

Jair Bolsonaro (PL): candidate for reelection has campaign activities in Paraná, Londrina and Prudentópolis.

Leo Pericles (UP): works in Rio Grande do Sul, starting at 9 am, with a visit to the Mercosul Biennial. At 10 am, he participates in an act in front of the building of the former Ocupação Lanceiros Negros of the Movimento de Luta nos Bairros, Vilas e Favelas (MLB), with the participation of fellow candidates. In the afternoon, at 2 pm, he does leafleting in the Nonoai neighborhood.

Lula (EN): in the morning, the candidate visits farms with certification of sustainable practices in the municipalities of Jequitaí and São João da Ponte, in Minas Gerais. At 6 pm, he participates in an act at Largo Glênio Peres, in Porto Alegre.

Father Kelmon (PTB): candidate has an agenda in Bahia. At 10:30 am, it receives supporters at Salvador Airport and goes, at 11 am, to Caboto in Candeias. At noon he visits the Bananeiras Community and has lunch with political leaders and supporters in the Botelho Community. At 4:00 pm, he visits the Community and Church of Nossa Senhora das Neves and then carries out, with supporters and politicians, the Crossing from Maré Island to Salvador, arriving at the Aratu Naval Base. At 7 pm, he participates in a dinner and meeting with wheelchair users in Salvador, in the Imbuí neighborhood.

Simone Tebet (MDB): at 9 am, visit the Reviver Market in São Luís. At 3 pm, visit the Feira dos Goianos in Brasília.

Sofia Manzano (PCB): candidate fulfills agenda in the capital of Bahia, Salvador. At 7:30 am, she gives an interview to Rádio Excelsior. Then, at 9:30 am, she participates in a formal session at the Legislative Assembly of Bahia. In the afternoon, at 3:00 pm, she gives an interview to the broadcaster BNews and then meets with members of the Bahia Journalists Union at 4:30 pm. At 18:00, the agenda includes cultural activity at the Campaign Committee in the Mussurunga neighborhood. Finally, at 19:00, she participates in live about cannabis in politics.

Soraya Thronicke (Union): at 8 am gives interview online to Radio Som Maior of Santa Catarina. At 11 am, he participates in the cycle of debates A Engenharia, o Estado e o País, organized by the Engineers Union in the State of São Paulo. At 1 pm, visit the Equipotel hospitality market solutions fair, at São Paulo Expo.

Vera (PSTU): at 9 am he takes part in a walk in the South Commercial Sector of Brasília. At 10:30 am, he receives a Letter from the Andes-SN to the presidential candidates in Brasília and, at 1:00 pm, still in the federal capital, he participates in a lunch-conversation with representatives of the Association of Federal Police Delegates (ADPF).

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