Changes in gender laws had unlocked another 8M, but not in this 2023

Changes in gender laws had unlocked another 8M, but not in this 2023

In deputies there are five stunned minutes that only await endorsement for their promulgation, but until today 76 initiatives have been filed and without an opinion.

“In a Legislature where we talk about parity, there is no women’s agenda,” questioned the deputy Eufrosina Cruz, denouncing that even criminal groups stop pending legislation to stop violence against women and girls.

This is the case of the criminalization of child marriage and family agreements to give girls to adults, a matter frozen in the Senate, according to the legislator’s alert, due to criminal interests.

“I invite the Senate to shut my mouth about what I am saying, if it is not true why this minute is stuck, if the child pornography industry is not implicit,” he indicated just on February 23 when urging senators, including those from his party, the Institutional Revolutionary (PRI), to legislate.

Other reforms to curb violence against women, promote parity, end harassment and sexual harassment at work or to stop femicides, progress slowly, when they do not lie in the cameras or even in a file of a public agency.

Such as the amendments regarding the alert of gender political violence, which enabled the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence against Women and sought to expedite attention to cases of femicide.

A year ago, on March 8, 2022, these reforms were approved by the Senate, by April 2022 they were promulgated; however, the 60 days to generate a regulation have become a year of waiting.

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