Change of pipes destroys main streets in Jinotepe and causes chaos and disorder

Change of pipes destroys main streets in Jinotepe and causes chaos and disorder

The main streets in the center of the city of Jinotepe, Carazo, look destroyed, which has caused the annoyance of many citizens, who blame the disorderly work of changing drinking water pipes, a project carried out by the mayor Mariano. Madrigal.

In the opinion of a taxi cadet from this city, a project cannot be carried out without first seeing the benefits and remedying the problems it will cause. “A little less than a year ago, the streets had already been completely repaired and now they are being destroyed again,” he criticized.

«Okay, they are changing the bad pipes, that is great, but what happens, that when doing that, the streets that were already good, paved, are broken, and what do they do next? They only patch them,” added the worker behind the wheel.

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“They are making us eat dirt in the city, because they have left it full of holes and they have not put the asphalt back on, that should not be the case, because instead of going forward, we are going backwards,” another complained. driver who asked to speak for this report under anonymity.

The project is advancing at a snail’s pace, causing traffic congestion in the city. Photo: VEL

Works cause lack of water in the city

For his part, a lottery vendor from this town indicated that it is the worst project he has seen in the more than 10 years that he has been touring the city, since they are working on all the streets almost at the same time, which has caused a chaos.

«It is not possible that before launching a project, they do not start to analyze what they are going to do. The most ideal thing was that the street that they broke, a street that has to be left as it was, well paved and not destroyed, with half patches and not pure holes, the city was already beautiful, now all the central streets are bad again » the seller said.

The works to change drinking water pipes have been underway for a little over two months, which also causes entire neighborhoods to have their water service cut off and increases community discomfort. “The problem is that they are going at a snail’s pace, they never finished,” complained an affected citizen.

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