Change in important direction of the Ministry of Health

Change in important direction of the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health reported that Dr. Leticia Pintos take on new professional challenges for which reason he leaves the General Directorate of Health Networks and Services.

It is worth mentioning that Pintos he had taken office on March 15, 2021, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, he held the direction of Therapies, from where he fulfilled the tasks, thanks to his expertise in the area.

Dr. Pintos graduated in Medicine in 2002, residency in a medical clinic and intensive therapy, a staff doctor at the Social Welfare Institute and the San Jorge Hospital, a master’s degree in national strategic planning and management, director of the Directorate of Therapies and Hospital Emergency Services.

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“From where we are, we have a great job and as the song says: our chests will be the walls, because this is not easy, however, all together we are going to get ahead,” said the professional under whose management and through institutional support, accompanied the process of tripling intensive care beds, 32 new laboratories nationwide, the hiring and training of medical professionals in ICUs, the distribution of new ambulances, as well as institutional strengthening processes in the hospital environment.

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