Chanel: “I’m not afraid of a ballad, on my album I’m going to show off vocally”

Surrounded by great expectations since her third place in Eurovision 2022, the Spanish-Cuban singer Chanel finally proudly wears her “Clavaíto”, a bachata that unites her with the Spanish Abraham Mateo as she concludes her first album, which will not only contain songs to dance to.

“A ballad doesn’t scare me and, in fact, I love them. I will say in this sense that in my album I am going to show off vocally “, she anticipates EFE In an interview.

The artist is very cautious when it comes to giving more clues about her long-awaited recording debut with Sony Music. She doesn’t even dare to say where she is at.

“I am learning and I see that things change every day, but yes, according to my plans, it will be released in 2023”, says Chanel (Havana, 1991), “very confident” in all the material she has gathered.

He also reserves whether “Toke” will be part of his repertoire, the song he released in November as musical accompaniment for the Spanish soccer team at the Qatar World Cup, but he shares that “Clavaíto” will not be the only novelty that His followers will be able to enjoy in a period as short as May.

“I am super pleased and happy with the reception the song has received”, she assures with a smile.

According to his account, it arose after a call from Abraham Mateo, a partner currently on the Spanish Television program “Cover Night”, to see what would come of working together in the studio.

“That morning I woke up thinking that I wanted to do a bachata and, speaking, we found that word ‘clavaíto’, which we frayed until we found the story”, he recalls.

“Clavaíto” has also allowed an end to the months of artistic drought, because far from what the current marketing laws would advise, after her triumphant passage through Eurovision 2022, Chanel decided not to lavish herself too much, neither in the media nor musically.

“I have not stopped, another thing is that it is not seen. I was looking for what I want to be, because in the end I come from being an actress and playing many roles, but I had to decide which one is mine”, she claims before this semi-retirement from public life to discover herself as a singer.

He acknowledges that he has not lacked proposals to appear in the spotlight. “I have attention deficit and I have to do a lot of exercise to concentrate. It’s not that I considered the rest as distractions, but the process I was in was different and I wanted to do it with everything I have,” she argues.

Chanel: "I'm not afraid of a ballad, on my album I'm going to show off vocally"
The Spanish representative in Eurovision in this 2023, Blanca Paloma (i), together with the singer Chanel, winner of third place in the previous edition. Photo: Sergio Pérez / EFE.

against comparisons

The Spanish-Cuban explains that she would not change anything from the last year. “I am very proud of how I took everything and how I have grown. If I look back, I still see that smiling, energetic, excited and companion Chanel, but also a more concentrated, mature and learned one. Even more empathetic “, she underlines.

Do you also empathize with the voracity of the public? “Yes, I have been since day one. I cannot be more transparent and, therefore, I am meme meat, “she assumes between laughs. “The current moment in society is one of very fast information and it is reflected in music,” he notes. I dont think is bad. What seems wrong to me is that when the artist needs another process, that is distorted.”

“You have to understand that in art we are different people and that it is born from different places, that some take five years to make a record, while others release one single after another,” he insists after having rebelled “inadvertently” against the urgent dynamics current.

He regrets that a good part of the public’s susceptibilities are extreme before female artists. “You will never see how two men are compared or pitted against each other,” she denounces.

She did suffer these comparisons during her time at the European song festival representing Spain and now she has become an apparent benchmark for other artists in the next edition who have incorporated two ‘dance breaks’ into their performances, as she did from iconic fashion in their 2022 performance.

“I don’t know if it’s because of last year or, if we talk to them, it turns out that they had been thinking about this proposal for years. In any case, they are artists and they do it incredible, “she says before declaring her full support for her successor as Spanish representative, Blanca Paloma.

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