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Champions League: these are the millions that moved in the last 10 years

Champions League: these are the millions that moved in the last 10 years

The League is back and the 32 teams are not only looking to obtain the ‘Orejona’, but also the ‘juicy’ financial prize that is at stake. For this 2022/23 season, UEFA allocated 2,032 million euros to this European tournament, a figure that has almost tripled its value in the last 10 years (904 million euros in 2013/14).

In this way, the UEFA champions league It is one of the most attractive and lucrative sports competitions in the world in financial terms.

The Champions has been evolving. Since last season 2020/21 there was an increase in the prize pool issue. Now it exceeds the barrier of 2,000 million euros and will be maintained until 2024/25“, said Jose Maco Justoprofessor of the Sports Administration and Business course at the UPC.

Under that premise, in this 2022/23 edition of the tournament, the European champion has the opportunity to win a maximum of 85.1 million euros.

That sum would be if the team won all the games in the group stage (in this first stage, each squad will receive 2.8 million euros for each win and 930,000 euros if they draw) and then lift the trophy in Istanbul (Turkey) in June next year.

One of the great differences between the Champions League and South American tournaments, such as the Copa Libertadores, is that There is a prize for matches won or tied in the group stage. That is an incentive and recognition for the clubs because that way there is more competition”, said the teacher.

Classification in Champions economic prize
Just for being in the group stage 15.64 million euros.
*If he wins all six of his games he gets an additional 16.8 million euros.
round of 16 €9.6 million.
Quarter finals 10.6 million euros.
semifinals 12.5 million euros.
Final €15.5 million.
Champion 4.5 million euros.

That millionaire figure is without counting the payments “based on coefficients” and the money from television, better known as the market pool, because if these amounts are added, it will pass the 100 million euros that the champion will take.

What is payment by coefficient?

It is the ranking prepared based on the sports performance of each team in the last 10 years and for that there is an additional monetary income, Maco Justo said.

According to UEFA600.6 million euros were set aside through a system that uses the confederation ranking of the competing clubs, based on points.

What is the market pool?

The expert indicated that the market pool It is the prize for the levels of television audience for the Champions League that the teams can generate.

This is a figure that is distributed among the participating teams from the same country”, he stated.

For example, in Spain, where the top four qualify, the first gets 40%, the second 30%, the third 20% and the fourth 10%.

Champions League teams 2022/23
Champions League teams 2022/23

How much has the earnings of the champions been?

In a decade-long comparison, the prizes just for participating in the Champions League They have increased by 82% due to the fact that in 2013/2014 each team received 8.6 million euros and this 2022/23 is 15.64 million euros.

The increase in prizes made several teams pocket a great fortune over the years. Real Madrid took 57.4 million euros after winning the competition in 2013/14, as reported by UEFA.

Four years later (2018) he received 88.6 million euros when he won the ‘Orejona’, a considerable difference.

Then he Liverpool achieved 111 million euros by winning the Champions League, the Bayern Munich obtained 125 million euros, while the Chelsea and the madridistas won 119 million euros each.

Along these lines, the figures show that it is more than double what the Spanish team won almost 10 years ago.

Season Champion Money
2013/2014 real Madrid €57.4 million
2014/2015 Barcelona €61 million
2015/2016 real Madrid €80 million
2016/2017 real Madrid €81 million
2017/2018 real Madrid €88.6 million
2018/2019 Liverpool €111 million
2019/2020 Bayern Munich €125.4 million
2020/2021 Chelsea €119.7 million
2021/2022 real Madrid €119.8 million


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