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Chamber approves MP that increases payroll loan margin

The Chamber approved this Wednesday (29) the provisional measure that increases the payroll-deductible credit limit for employees and authorizes this type of loan also for those who receive the Continued Payment Benefit (BPC), Lifetime Monthly Income (RMC) and Brazil Aid. The MP goes to the Senate.Chamber approves MP that increases payroll loan margin

The report of the rapporteur, deputy Bilac Pinto (União-MG), increased from 35% to 40% the consignable margin of CLT employees, active and inactive civil servants, pensioners, military personnel and public servants. Retirees from the General Pension Plan will have the margin increased from 40% to 45%, the same amount applied to those who receive BPC or Lifetime Monthly Income.

In all these cases, 5% is reserved for operations with payroll-deductible credit cards.

Beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil will be able to make loans of up to 40% of the value of the benefit, and the responsibility for the debt cannot fall on the Union.

The payroll loan is granted with automatic deduction of installments from payroll or benefit, and the maximum limit that can be compromised by deduction from payroll is the consigned margin. The payroll credit card works like a credit card at the time of purchase, but the debt is automatically deducted from the salary.

According to the rapporteur, financing in Brazil has high interest rates, while payroll loans offer lower rates because they are deducted directly from the salary or benefit. “As the installments are automatically deducted from the payroll, the risk of default becomes lower. As a result, fees charged to bank customers are significantly lower than for other types of operations,” said the deputy.

The approved text also changes the rules of the Urban Productive Inclusion Aid, created together with Auxílio Brasil, for those beneficiaries who find formal employment. The approved text establishes that the Urban Productive Inclusion Aid has a personal and temporary nature; does not generate acquired rights; and may have the payment accumulated with other benefits, aids and scholarships from the Auxílio Brasil program.

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