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Chamber approves in 2nd shift PEC of salary floor for nursing

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday (13), in the second round, the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) that establishes the national salary floor for nurses, nursing technicians, nursing assistants and midwives. The proposal goes to promulgation.Chamber approves in 2nd shift PEC of salary floor for nursing

According to the opinion of the rapporteur, deputy Carmen Zanotto (Citizenship-SC), the purpose of the PEC is to prevent the new floors from being questioned in court with the argument of “deficit of initiative”, since the bill that sets the salary floor of these categories could be vetoed by the President of the Republic on the grounds that a project on increasing the remuneration of public servants can only be proposed by the Executive Branch.

The bill, authored by Senator Fabiano Contarato (PT-ES), provides for an initial minimum floor for nurses in the amount of R$ 4,750. The bill waits to be sent to sanction after Congress finds funding sources for its effective application.

According to the text of the PEC, the minimum remuneration to be paid nationally for public and private health services will be R$ 4,750. In the case of other professionals, the text sets 70% of the national level of nurses for nursing technicians and 50% for nursing assistants and midwives.

The Union, the states, the Federal District and the municipalities have until the end of the year in which the PEC is sanctioned to adjust the remuneration of the positions or the respective career plans to meet the values ​​established for each professional category.

* With information from the Chamber Agency

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