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Chamber approves extension of refund period for canceled events

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday (1st) the provisional measure that extends the deadlines for emergency actions adopted to reduce the effects of the crisis resulting from the covid-19 pandemic in the tourism and culture sectors. The MP will be sent to the Senate.Chamber approves extension of refund period for canceled events

The text again extends the rules for organizers to cancel or reschedule events in the areas of tourism and culture affected by the covid-19 pandemic. The measure was first edited in 2020 and increases the deadline for the consumer to opt for the postponed or canceled service or event credit until December 31, 2022 to use it until December 31, 2023. If you choose to reschedule the date, the deadline for doing this will be the same.

“[A medida] will allow companies in these segments to better manage their revenues, reducing the risk of insolvency, discontinuity of services, disruption in the supply chain and, consequently, an increase in unemployment. In turn, the consumer will have more time and more security to enjoy their rights”, explained the rapporteur, deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE).

In the rapporteur’s text, the same rules must be adopted whenever the Union recognizes the occurrence of a public health emergency of national importance. The deadlines will be counted from the date of recognition.

“In addition to the almost 700,000 deaths and the many thousands of survivors with sequelae, however, the sudden reduction in economic activities resulting from the adoption of sanitary measures still caused the infeasibility of thousands of companies and the loss of countless jobs”, he said. the rapporteur. “This adverse shock was felt especially in the tourism and culture sectors, segments whose demand was naturally one of the most sacrificed in times of acute crisis, given the non-essentiality of the corresponding services for the vast majority of the population”.

According to the deputy, the Brazilian tourist industry lost R$ 508.8 billion in revenue in the two years between the beginning of the pandemic and March this year.

“As a side effect, 476,000 formal jobs were eliminated in 2020 alone, corresponding to a 13.7% drop in the sector’s workforce, according to data from Caged. [Cadastro Geral de Empregados e Desempregados]”, said the MP.


According to the text, the exemption from reimbursement of amounts paid by consumers is allowed if there is a rescheduling of services, reservations and events postponed, or when credit is available for use or reduction in the purchase of other services, reservations and events made available by the same company. , provided that no additional amounts are charged for the change.

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