César Vega was scammed by an Alfonso Lereté impostor: he lost US$3,000

César Vega was scammed by an Alfonso Lereté impostor: he lost US$3,000

Photo: Facebook / Cesar Vega
Photo: Facebook / Cesar Vega

The deputy of the Intransigent Radical Ecologist Party (PERI), César Vega, was swindled by a person who posed as the also deputy for the National Party (PN), Alfonso Lereté; the latter has already denounced the impostor on other occasions.

The scammer pretends to be Lereté, and tells his victims that he has changed his cell phone, and then asks if they are willing to help him change a significant number of dollars. Then she asks you to send the money through a collection network.

Vega told the press that it seemed “weird” at first, but that he wanted to give a colleague “a hand”. “He sent me a message saying that he needed money for an urgent procedure and I deposited it with him. When I called him, he did not answer me, but after a while he sent me a message that he was doing some paperwork, so I did not insist, “he explained to Montevideo Portal when asked about it.

Then, he ran into Lereté in Parliament and asked him what had happened, to which the nationalist replied: “Don’t tell me that you also fell.” She added that money doesn’t make “a difference” to her, but that they “ruined” her vacation.


Deputy Lereté filed the first complaint in November, in Investigaciones de Canelones and in zone III of Montevideo, due to a first attempt at fraud when he tried to contact other people saying: “Good morning, happy start to the week. Schedule my new contact. Lic. Alfonso Lerete”.

One of the people who tried to scam received these messages: “Dear Adrián. A favor. I need to exchange 10,000 USD from my savings account. Do you have anyone interested? (sic)”.

“I keep the same cell phone number. Do not acknowledge receipt if they send you messages from another number and they invoke me saying that I have changed, ”clarified the legislator.

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