Cervecería Nacional Potosí: TSJ confirms fine of $6.3 million to CBN

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The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), through a ruling of October 2021, confirmed the sanctions of two fines against the National Bolivian Brewery (CBN) in favor of the State for an amount of 6.3 million dollars, according to with a recent resolution of the highest judicial instance of the country.

The Cervecería Nacional Potosí (CNP) reported that, in the first case, the sanction amounts to 15,385,864.68 Housing Development Units (UFV), an amount equivalent to 5,000,000 dollars, for having exercised anti-competitive practices in against the CNP.

The second sanction is for 3,846,466.17 UFV, which is equivalent to 1,300,000 dollars, for having distorted information.

This decision is part of Judgment No. 52, which was issued in a single instance by the TSJ, the highest Court of Justice, and “is the result of more than five years of investigation supported by the administrative and judicial authorities that intervened with solid technical arguments. and legal”, said the CNP spokesman, Juan Pablo Murillo Bernardis.

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According to the content of the ruling of February 27, 2022, the judgment of October 2021 was declared enforceable.

Based on this information, Cervecería Nacional Potosí considered that “the ruling creates a judicial precedent for the benefit of the State and the rights and interests of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs,” according to the spokesperson.

In addition, the ruling protects the right in favor of fair and free competition, which safeguards a balanced and orderly development of the market.

Judgment No. 52, issued by the Supreme Court of Justice Contentious, Contentious Administrative, Social and First Administrative Chamber, constitutes a suitable, timely, fair and lawful judicial ruling that is strictly framed in current legal provisions and contributes to security of the country, according to the CNP.

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