Cerruti: "Fuel supply problems are not unique to Argentina"

Cerruti: "Fuel supply problems are not unique to Argentina"

Gabriela Cerruti said that the supply of diesel “will normalize as the days go by.”

The national government assured that the problems of fuel supply are not exclusive to Argentina but that they exist “in most countries”, as a result of the increases in international prices after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the lower supply of hydrocarbons to the European Union.

This was stated by the spokeswoman for the Presidency, Gabriela Cerruti, who reiterated what was expressed by the chief of staff, Juan Manzurregarding that “the situation -of diesel supply-, will be normalized as the days go by”.

In his weekly press conference at Casa Rosada, Cerruti warned of the existence of “a problem that has to do with smuggling”which was evidenced by the differences in the evolution of fuel sales in the provinces bordering Paraguay and Brazil compared to the rest of the country.

“The government is working on that,” he said, referring to the increase in fuel sales prices for vehicles with foreign patents, with the purpose of reducing the value gap and discouraging this type of maneuver.

Also, he highlighted that “the refineries are working at their highest level” to solve the supply problem.

On the other hand, he denied that the self-convened transporters’ protest measures were related to the lack of diesel but to the fact that their promoters “are discussing other things, such as their union situations and their participation in other income or businesses.”

Cerruti rejected that the inconveniences in the provision of fuel is an exclusively local problem, and pointed out in this regard that “in most countries fuel is increasing” as a consequence of the Russian-Ukrainian war conflict that “is affecting most of the northern countries”.

“To believe that it is a problem for Argentina is not to read the international newspapers,” said the spokeswoman for the Presidency.

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