Cerruti challenged Milei to reveal "what does he live on"

Cerruti challenged Milei to reveal "what does he live on"

Gabriela Cerruti and Javier Milei exchanged opinions on Twitter.

presidential spokeswoman Gabriela Cerrutti he inquired again javier milei to reveal “what he lives on”; He slipped that, given the lack of responses, the national deputy for La Libertad Avanza “lives from the caste of the all-powerful” and clarified that “being a deputy is incompatible with other (private) jobs by the Public Ethics law.”

This Sunday Cerruti synthesized the controversy that arose two days ago on his TikTok account with a video where he reviewed the exchange via Twitter with the libertarian deputy and redoubled the bet: “It seems to me that this man lives from a caste that is not the political caste; perhaps (Javier) Milei lives from the caste of businessmen, the rich, the multinationals and the all-powerful”.

And I add: “Then who do you work for, Milei? What do you live on, Milei? We still don’t have an answer to this question.”

In addition, Cerruti explained the “conflict of interest” that working for a company and being a national deputy would imply because “according to the Public Ethics Law, all (private) companies have some kind of relationship with the State because it regulates, subsidizes.”

“What work do you do, Milei? I warn you that being a deputy is incompatible with having other jobs. And the salary you donate. So I lost myself” The spokeswoman initially said from her Twitter account in response to a publication by Milei in which she denounced President Alberto Fernández, who had criticized the legislator’s political actions during an interview with the C5N channel.

In this regard, Cerruti responded on that social network and pointed out that “teaching is the only compatible job” with parliamentary work and indicated that “the rest have other incompatibilities established by the Public Ethics Law.”

Given Milei’s own response in his post that invited her to “understand” the aforementioned law well, the spokesperson sentenced: “I know it by heart. The one in the City (of Buenos Aires) was made by me. Tell me that the company that finance is not regulated by the state now”. And she assured that it is part of “common sense” that “being a representative is a full-time job.”

The controversy broke out last Friday, after President Fernández referred in an interview to Milei’s growth in the presidential candidate polls and opined that it is a consequence of the pandemic and its effect on young people.

“Milei seems like an anti-system but he is the system. He worked for this economic structure that he questions, he is an employee of large multinational companies. The best freedom is to guarantee more equality”, pointed out the head of state in C5N. For this reason, the national deputy replied to the President.

The deputy from La Libertad Avanza was recently accused by ex-militants of his party of “selling candidacies and their presence” and thus financing his future presidential campaign.

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