Central Bolivariana de Trabajadores calls for a march this Thursday towards Plaza Caracas

Central Bolivariana de Trabajadores calls for a march this Thursday towards Plaza Caracas

The leadership and the Working Class of the Central Bolivariana y Socialista de Trabajadores, convened for this Thursday at nine in the morning, a march to deliver a list of demands to the Ministry of Labor, which will leave from the Plaza Morelos de Bellas Artes to Plaza Caracas, in the Torres del Silencio.

The president of the Socialist Central, Wills Rangel, reported that this Wednesday, despite the intense rain in Caracas, more than 15,000 workers gathered in Plaza Morelos, in support of the socioeconomic policies of the Bolivarian Government.

Rangel reiterated that the Working Class will remain in the streets in support of the labor demands obtained during the Bolivarian Revolution.

“Tomorrow (Thursday), at nine in the morning, we will meet here and we will go to Plaza Caracas to deliver a conciliatory statement to our brother minister of labor and we will have a national table to clarify any labor and economic situation that may arise. could have the workers and workers in the country”.

The Venezuelan union leader stated that the workers will continue the fight against “trade unionists who stole the interests of Venezuela and continue to be financed from abroad” to attack the Bolivarian Republic.

“We know that those who today fly the supposed flags of the left, are the same ones who agreed with the right in 1997 to steal the benefits of workers.”

He asserted that the Working Class has identified these fraudsters and not a single worker will go against the Homeland or the Revolution or against Socialism. “Because we know that we have guarantees of our rights by having President Nicolás Maduro Moros in Miraflores.”

“This Thursday, in this same place, Plaza Morelos, we will concentrate to be in the street and continue defending the Organic Law of Workers (LOTTT), our Bolivarian Revolution, demanding that the world return the resources abroad of our strategic companies, the gold and the plane”, concluded Rangel.


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