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Census takers still claim travel expenses to the ONE

Censistas aún reclaman pago viáticos a la ONE

People who worked on the 2022 National Population and Housing Census have still not received the corresponding fees and per diems after the fieldwork was completed and complain about the unconvincing allegations of the National Statistics Office (ONE). to deposit the payment.

The complaints about the lack of corresponding payments began on the same days that the collection of population and housing data began, since the enumerators complained that they had not been given the per diem and that they had to mobilize with their own resources.

The situation was made worse by technical problems, associated with the poor quality of the tablets used to collect the data, which resulted in longer working days in cities and fields.

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The director of the Census, Víctor Romero, tried to separate the ONE of the situation when he declared that all the payrolls were dispatched and only a few processes are awaiting in the Comptroller General of the Republic and Banreservas for the money to fall.

But the enumerators allege that the ONE was the entity that hired them, due to which it is in that entity where they must claim.

Still this morning, some people remained at the ONE headquarters waiting for the per diem payments to be formalized.

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