Censorship of prohibited colors in Brazilian soccer

Censorship of prohibited colors in Brazilian soccer

05/27/2022 at 14:42


Green, the identity of Palmeiras, is a cursed color for Corinthians and the ‘Field’, that is, its more than thirty million fanatics. Any spectator who commits the sacrilege of showing up to watch a match at the Neo Química Arena with some green piece, the grandstand pressure, which is always sovereign, ‘invites’ him to get rid of it.

Up to this point, one might think that everything falls within the more or less acceptable behavior of one of the greatest rivalries, not only local but also continental. And the militant behavior is transferred to everyday life, in the wardrobe of any Corinthian there is never any green clothing or accessory, even intimate pieces or sports shoes.

However, the rivalry has gotten out of hand for too long. Ten days ago, those responsible for social networks in Timao, in their tribute to the World Day to Combat Homophobia, had no other idea than to replace the green of the rainbow flag of the LGBTQIA+ community with a grayish pigmentation.

And, of course, there was controversy, and the fat onesbecause on a day in which intolerance was condemned there was no consideration to annihilate the green (palmeiran) put in its place a substitute.

Corinthians does not go around with chromatic girls. In June of last year, the São Paulo club announced that it had imposed a fine on its striker Jo (in his day squire of Ronaldinho Gaucho in his nocturnal adventures) for wearing green boots in a Brasileirao match against Bahia.

The decision was taken in response to the outrage of the ‘crooked’ and was even announced in an official note detailing “the player was warned, fined and will no longer use the boots in training or in matches & rdquor ;.

The attacker, who left the base categories, apologized to those who felt offended and insisted that his shoes were “turquoise blue & rdquor ;. And the gatherings already had a theme for a week. Never has there been so much debate in a forum reserved for football specialists whether the boots of discord were really blue or green.


The dictatorship of the colors is not the only heritage of the Corinthian Democracy club. In Porto Alegre, the Gremio is still proud of having changed the color of the Coca-Cola logo when the brand sponsored fifteen teams in the 1980s.

The Immortal refused to stamp the red background (associated with Internacional) on their shirt and ended up putting white letters on black, which was celebrated as a victory in a Gre-Nal, the hottest classic in the country.

The boycott of red by the Gremistas is not only reduced to everyday clothing but to the consumption of brands that opt ​​for this color. There are not a few episodes of ‘torcedores’ who avoided traveling with the TAM airline, now converted into Latam, because its letters were red. It is unknown if the same thing happens to us as the Colorados and Blue, an airline that names and all its corporate identity in this color.

It may seem like a joke, but there is even the version in Porto Alegre and Rio Grande do Sul of the Gremist Santa Clausdressed, of course, in blue.

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