Cenidh promotes campaign to make visible the deteriorating state of health of political prisoners

Cenidh demands the freedom of the political prisoners of the Granada prison

The Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) continues with its demand for the freedom of all political prisoners at the hands of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

This time he emphasized the hostages of conscience locked up in the Granada Penitentiary System, known as “La Granja”. «These are the innocent who are imprisoned in the La Granja Penitentiary Center. we demand Freedom for all political prisoners,” the organization said on its Twitter account.

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He stressed that there are 14 opponents that the Sandinista dictatorship keeps locked up in the dungeons of the prison located in the great sultana, most of them from Masaya.

Among the prisoners that the Ortega dictatorship keeps in “La Granja” is the opposition Nidia Lorena Barboza Castillo, Originally from the municipality of Nindirí, Masaya.

Ortega’s justice sentenced her to 11 years in prison and forced her to pay 800 days of fines, equivalent to 52,767.46 cordobas, for the alleged crimes of “undermining national integrity” and “propagation of false news through information technology and communication”.

The political prisoner is held in the same prison Abel Daniel Brenes Sanchez, Originally from Masaya, kidnapped on November 7, 2021 (Ortega’s election day) and sentenced to nine years in prison for alleged treason.

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There are also political prisoners Dennis Javier Palacios Hernandez, Gabriel Ramirez Somarriba, Mauricio Javier Valencia Mendoza, Kennis Jose Vargas Gutierrez Y Edder Otoniel Muñoz Centeno, the latter kidnapped for the second time and convicted of alleged drug trafficking.

The other opponents to whom the dictatorship denies their freedom are Jhony Alonso Castro Hernandez, Samuel Enrique Gonzalez. Ezequiel de Jesús González Alvarado, Francisco Javier López González, Gerardo Antonio Mejía Montoya, Lesther Jose Selva and the prisoner of initials VGGA.

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To date, Ortega has imprisoned more than 170 opponents, whom he accuses of common crimes or alleged treason against the country and cybercrimes.

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Between May and November 2021, the Police arrested more than 30 opponents, who are being held captive in “El Nuevo Chipote” in Managua, all of whom have already been sentenced.

It should be noted that the Cenidh is the only human rights defense organization that, despite the fact that its legal personality was canceled in 2018, continues to work within the country and denounce the abuses of the dictatorship.

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