Celeste Amarilla: "Euclides Acevedo is a divider within the opposition"

Celeste Amarilla: “Euclides Acevedo is a divider within the opposition”

Celeste Amarilla, a national deputy for the PLRA, denounced, during an interview with Ñanduti AM, that Euclides Acevedo, former national foreign minister, will be the “divider” of the opposition. This, after rumors that the politician would not be part of the Coalition of opposition parties.

“I hope it is not the one that carries the few votes that we always need. He is going to take votes from the opposition. He has always passed us by. The pettiness continues, some of us have already learned. There is no problem for us to give in, but the other parties do not think the same”, he stated.

He argued that he does not believe that Euclides or Chilavert have so many votes either. And he warned that they should be afraid of becoming responsible for the defeat of the opposition.

“I heard that Euclides will not be part of the agreement. They will make another grouping”, she finally said.

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