Cecilia Pérez proposes a project to include the rewarded denunciation

Cecilia Pérez proposes a project to include the rewarded denunciation

Cecilia Pérez, Advisor for Security Affairs of the Presidency, proposes a bill to incorporate the figure of the rewarded denunciation in the Legal Order.

“What he says must be tested with other elements. Not that you can declare anything. That helps us talk about an efficient justice system,” she stated.

Regarding the witness protection system necessary for this to work, he commented that international support can be requested to be able to count on it. Even to send key witnesses abroad, considering that our country is small with only 7 million inhabitants.


Also, Pérez proposes in the same project, an article to lower the rate of indictments and raise the rate of convicted.

“One problem is the number of people who enter the judicial system with a prolific record of open cases. Let the law of tools to the justice system. In that context, we presented the project and it ended up in the archive”, he pointed out.

What the senior official of the Executive is proposing is to shorten the deadlines for fragrance cases. Such as an aggravated robbery, where the objects are found in the power of the authors and the victims recognize their aggressors.

“This works from a small robbery to a homicide. Here it is imputed and six months is requested. The judges also do not want to give fewer terms because the prosecutors end up asking for extensions, ”he concluded.

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