CDMX will allocate 7,500 mdp for the Children's Well-being Scholarship, supplies and schools

CDMX will allocate 7,500 mdp for the Children’s Well-being Scholarship, supplies and schools

For the 2023-2024 school year, an increase of more than 1,000 million pesos is projected for these programs, to which just over 6,000 million pesos were allocated this year.

This Monday the reform to the Constitution of Mexico City was published in the Official Gazette, which includes in Article 8 as part of the right to education, universal support for students from preschool to secondary school, called the Well-Being Scholarship for Children. and Girls (formerly Mi Beca para Empezar) as well as the fact that each year part of the budget is designated for the maintenance and repair of the city’s public schools.

Furthermore, it is established that less resources may not be allocated to each of these two programs than were allocated during the previous fiscal year.

The reform presented by Sheinbaum to the capital’s Congress was approved in plenary session on November 22, with an estimated budgetary impact of 5,400 million pesos for the Well-being Scholarship and 350 million to allocate through La Escuela es Nuestra for around 2,798 school buildings. in the capital.



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