Airbnb posted record accommodations on new year's night

CDMX government will seek to regulate the operation of Airbnb by 2023

By 2023, the Government of Mexico City will seek to regulate the Airbnb operations and other similar digital hosting platforms, announced Claudia Sheinbuam Pardo.

This Thursday, the capital’s president reported that a working group is being held with the Planning Institute of the capital, as well as with businessmen and citizens to review the regulationthis derived from the fact that a phenomenon of gentrification is taking place in the city.

“And now it seems important to us that once it is growing so much, before it becomes a bigger problem, we see what other cities have done around this issue and that it not only stays in the market, but that we really get ahead of a problem. greater than could be generated in the city”, said Claudia Sheinbaum.

Sheibaum Pardo indicated that in order to implement these modifications, they are contacting other cities on the planet to share their experiences. For example, he highlights the start of communication with the authorities of Barcelona, ​​Spain, since this European city went through situations similar to those of the capital of Mexico.

We are contacting other cities that have regulated these digital platforms to avoid further gentrification or rising costs and, at the same time, continue receiving tourism in the city,” said the official.

He ruled out that the alliance with this platform and UNESCO was a mistake and that the objective of the agreement was even to take advantage of the arrival of digital nomads so that they could get to know other places in the city.

“The idea is not that Airbnb It will be extended to the entire city, that was not the idea, but what we are presenting here is that those digital nomads who are already coming could get to know other areas of the city. So, for example, a farmer from San Gregorio Atlapulco who sows different flowers throughout the year, well, he would benefit from a tourist who comes to La Condesa,” he reiterated.


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