CD says that the Assembly must address issues that overwhelm the country and not interfere in internal party affairs

The Cambio Democrático party flatly rejected the open interference of the National Assembly (AN) in the internal affairs of the collective and in the jurisdiction of the Electoral Court (TE), even more so when the country has so many national issues that overwhelm the people, and that are those that merit this “high concern” of this State body.

The statement from the National Assembly in favor of 15 deputies who were expelled and whose mandates were revoked by Cambio Democrático (CD), after a process in accordance with the collective’s rules and statutes, is not only unfortunate and shameful, but also affects plus the already deteriorated image of this State body, which must play its role and focus its attention on contributing to the solution of the problems that affect Panamanian families, being transparent, accountable, and supervising the Executive Body.

“The political interests of a few and the convenient “support” of those who control the Board of Directors and the Budget Commission of the National Assembly, cannot be above the real discussion that must take place in this organ of the State to resolve issues such as economic crisis, unemployment, lack of medicines, education and health, insecurity, high food prices or lack thereof, which have thousands of Panamanians in endless lines at government fairs,” says the CD directive.

The collective reiterated to the country and its members that, regardless of the pressures and attacks, wherever they come from, it will continue to play its role of opposition to national issues and in defense of the best interests of the country and Panamanians, “something that unfortunately The 15 deputies who seek to cling to power to continue with the policy of “what’s for me” did not do.

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