CCN acquires Incarna through its subsidiary Indal;  is in the Vega

CCN acquires Incarna through its subsidiary Indal; is in the Vega

As part of its growth, Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN) acquired the Incarna property and facilities in La Vega province through its subsidiary Industria Dominicana de Alimentos (Indal).

With the acquisition, the company strengthens its strategy to support Dominican suppliers, strengthening its commitment to local production to help strengthen the national economy through support for the agricultural sector.

“This process marks a new stage in the growth of Centro Cuesta Nacional, where we strengthen our commitment to local production, accompanying the country’s cattle, poultry and pig farmers with the aim of impacting their growth and sustainable development,” said José Miguel González Cuadra, executive president of CCN.

He added that at the same time the quality of the meat that will be processed in this plant for the Dominican market is being ensured. “In addition, the purchase will maintain the more than 160 current employees of the plant and seeks to double them in the next 18 months, which will be a great contribution to jobs in the province,” he explained.

Part of the objective of the purchase is to offer the market a product of much higher quality, managed from the relationship with the producers at its origin, to the delivery to the final consumer, thus guaranteeing its traceability and freshness throughout the entire process. Indal’s plans include strengthening the plant’s production capacity to process pork, beef and chicken.

This in turn contributes to the strengthening of the CCN supply chain and guarantees supervision of the products produced from the selection of the raw material hand in hand with local producers, to the product that reaches the final consumer.

González emphasized that at the moment the country is living, the private sector and the government must work together to boost the economy.

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