CC del PLD favorece escogencia de Tommy Galán para Secretaría de Asuntos Electorales

CC of the PLD favors the choice of Tommy Galán for Secretariat of Electoral Affairs

Mayobanex Escoto, Tommy Galán, Domingo Jiménez, Alexis Lantigua, Ramón Santos and Víctor Suarez, are the new secretariat holders pending election in the PLD.

With the issuance of the single bulletin, the Elections Organizing Commission of the holders of pending secretariats concluded that process, through which as of this Sunday six new holders of work bodies of the Dominican Liberation Party are integrated.

956 of 1304 members of the Central Committee of the PLD They attended the meeting called as an ordinary meeting, the first of this 2023 and which concluded with the selection of the pending holders.

Alejandrina Germán, having by her side Lidio Cadet, Cristina Lizardo, Melanio Paredes, Celenia Vidal and Manuel Saleta, members of the Commission, proceeded to read the bulletin

He reported that in the Organization Secretariat, in which Mayobanex Escoto, Jorge Félix Minaya and Margarita Pimentel competed, Mayobanex Escoto was the winner with 461 votes out of 931 cast for 49.52 percent.

In the Electoral Affairs Secretariat, Tommy Galán was elected by acclamation because he had no competitor. The Central Committee unanimously favored his choice, while they gave a round of applause in recognition of the outgoing head, Danilo Díaz.

Armando García and Domingo Jiménez competed for the Information and Communications Technology Secretariat, the latter winning with 537 votes out of 928 cast for 57.87 percent.

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In the Secretariat for Dominicans Abroad: Alexis Lantigua and Gustavo Sánchez competed, Lantigua being the winner with 675 votes out of 934 cast, for a percentage of 72.27%.

For the coordination of the Municipal Affairs Secretariat, Ramón Santos and Teresa Ynoa competed; Ramón Santos, who is the current President of the Federation of Municipal Districts (FEDODIM) reached 515 votes out of a total of 932 cast, for 55.26 percent.

In the Secretariat of International Relations, Alejandro Herrera and Víctor Suarez competed, the latter was the winner with 582 votes in his favor out of 932 issued for a percentage of 62.45%.

Alejandrina Germán read the bulletin before the members of the Central Committee and representatives of the media. Subsequently, Charles Mariotti, general secretary, called the winners and swore in the name of the national leadership of the Party.

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