CBI requests complaints that do not advance in the Prosecutor’s Office

The Bicameral Commission of Investigation (CBI) of money laundering, had its ninth meeting on Tuesday morning. On the occasion, Cecilia Pérez, adviser for Security Affairs of the Executive, was invited. José Luis Chilavert was also called but he excused himself from participating since he was not in the country at the time of the call.

The official pointed out that the knowledge that senators may have of how the groups work, the infiltrations that may exist in the system and, above all, the alliances that may be made is important. “We even talk about the existence of smuggling groups that have alliances with important groups like the PCC, which has even been talked about having wine smuggling schemes. These alliances allow the remnant of what is smuggled to be introduced into the market or the financial system more easily than what is obtained with drugs,” she explained.

Pérez explained that they requested documentation related to the complaints made by the Ministry of Justice, during his administration, which have not been charged but have been dismissed and summaries. “We are going to provide them with that so that they can make the corresponding claims because we have several cases. We know that those who get involved with the inmates, who are linked to organized crime, continue to work as if nothing had happened. And if they are dismissed, that is the only punishment, despite being linked to criminal groups, ”he commented.

In the words of Jorge Querey himself, a national senator for the Guasu Front and head of the CBI, there are only two more weeks of work left before submitting the final report. On June 9, through a draft resolution, the Upper House approved that the final report of said commission be sent to the United States Congress and international organizations.

The CBI is made up of senators; Jorge Querey from the Guasu Front (chairman of the commission), Salyn Buzarquis from the PLRA and Juan Afara from the ANR (pro-government party). While for the deputies are Basilio “Bachi” Núñez, ANR (chartist), Hugo Ramírez, ANR (official) and Jorge Ávalos Mariño for the PLRA.

On August 2, Horacio Cartes, former president of the Republic, was supposed to appear before the body, however, he refused to participate on the grounds that his position as senator for life excludes him from said obligation. He requested in return, the questions in writing. At that time, Querey stated that they will ask a judge for an order for Cartes to attend on a mandatory basis. The former president was declared significantly corrupt by the United States on July 22. He was also accused by Executive Ministers Arnaldo Giuzzio and René Fernández of having links to organized crime.

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