Caza Hueco Squadron is deployed in parishes of Caracas

Caza Hueco Squadron is deployed in parishes of Caracas

“He Hollow Fighter Squada team belonging to the Government of the Capital District, responds to the reports generated by the ComeApp under the 1×10 System of Good Governanceand carries out social work in the different parishes of Caracas, with the aim of improving the roads and beautifying the capital city”, the information was published through the account on the social network on Twitter of the Government of Caracas.

Recently, in the San José parish, Cotiza vía Galipán sector, the filling and compaction of (02) holes with 2 m³ of asphalt was placed.

Likewise, in the El Recreo parish, between Ávila and San Miguel streets, in La Florida, the filling and compaction of 1 m³ of asphalt was completed. In the El Paraíso parish, on Principal Las Fuentes Avenue, the sidewalk was demolished for restoration and compaction.

In the west of the city, in the Sucre parish, on Italia street in the Altavista sector, 40 tons of hot asphalt were placed, just as it was favored in La Pastora, Main street, Puerta Caracas sector with 1st., Polvorín street , where five tons of asphalt were poured to improve the aforementioned road corridor.

In days gone by, the favored parishes were: Santa Teresa, in the Quinta Crespo sector, 3 Sur avenue and 100th Street, in the El Recreo parish, Alta Florida sector, Los Pinos avenue, and on Libertador avenue, where the scarification of more than 719.62 m² and in the Caricuao parish, specifically in the UD-7, where the filling and compaction of 28 m² was carried out.

Finally, in the Caricuao parish, the Government of Caracas carried out the cleaning and weeding of 60 m² of the Nuevo Amanecer stream, directly benefiting more than two thousand inhabitants.



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