Cayman Islands deports four Cuban migrants by air

MIAMI, United States. – The Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control Service (CBC) repatriated four migrants on May 29, according to the entity itself. a short note.

The four male migrants were accompanied to the Island by Customs and Border Control officials from the Cayman Islands. They made the journey from Grand Cayman to Cuba on a non-chartered Cayman Airways flight.

CBC director Charles Clifford thanked CBC officers for running “another successful operation” and said additional repatriation flights would be arranged as new migrant cases are processed.

In March of that year, the Cayman Islands deported another 10 irregular Cuban migrants who had arrived in that country by sea, reported on that occasion the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) of the regime.

According to MININT, this was the fifth operation of this type from that country so far in 2023, with a total of 65 people deported up to that moment.

That organization also indicated that in 2023, 46 Cuban repatriation operations had taken place from various nations, including the United States, the Bahamas and Mexico, with a total of 2,771 Cubans returned to the island.

At the beginning of March, the Government of the Cayman Islands assured that it would expand the Immigration Detention Center to accommodate Cuban migrants who remain in that nation and who were being held in the Bodden Town Civic Center.

The objective of the authorities of that country was to offer migrants the necessary assistance before they were deported to Cuba.

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