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Cause Vialidad: the trial continues with the argument of the defense of Julio De Vido

This Monday, the trial continues for the Cause road with the argument of the defense of the former Minister of Federal Planning, Julio De Vido. The official will be represented by lawyers Maximiliano Rusconi and Gabriel Palmeiro.

The defense will expose before the Federal Oral Court 2, in charge of carrying the investigationfrom 9:30 a.m. virtually through the Zoom platform, and in accordance with what is established for each of the accused in the Cause roadDe Vido’s allegations will last until this Tuesday.

The trial can be followed virtually.

For the former minister, prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola requested a 10-year prison sentence and lifelong disqualification from holding public De Vido is accused in the Cause road for the crime of “aggravated illicit association”, for his capacity as organizer and “for aggravated fraudulent administration committed to the detriment of the public administration”.

Although for more than three years that the trial has lasted, the former minister was never named before, when he was accused, recently, the prosecutors argued that “his apparent lower visibility cannot be understood as minor interference”, which the lawyers will refute.

Cause Vialidad: the trial continues with the argument of the defense of Julio De Vido
For the prosecution, the former minister was key in the transmission of funds to Báez.

This, given that in 39 months of trial no messages, chats or instructions from De Vido were shown regarding Lázaro Báez and in the tenders for the energy area, which depended on Planning, and which were held in Buenos Aires, Báez did not win or a work.

In this sense, it is estimated that the lawyers of the former official request the acquittal and the annulment of the case during their presentations; whose same request was made by the defenses of Héctor Jesús Garro, Mauricio Collareda and Raúl Daruich.

The hearings will last throughout the week.

After concluding the argument of the former minister, in accordance with what was established by the Court, the next defendant to testify in the investigation It will be the former Undersecretary of Public Works Abel Fatala, for whom the prosecution requested a four-year prison sentence for being considered “responsible for the crime of fraudulent administration.”

When does Cristina Kirchner declare

The turn for the declaration of the defense of Vice President Cristina Kirchner, will be next Monday, September 19who will be represented by attorneys Carlos Beraldi and Ary Llernovoy.

As an attorney, the Vice President may ask to be given the floor in the argument.

For the former president, the prosecution requested a sentence of 12 years in prison and that she be disqualified for life from holding public office, as she is accused of being the “head of the illicit association” and of having committed “the crime of fraudulent administration against the public treasury”.

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