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Catholic schools notify parents that they will only accept “cash payments”

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After the freezing of the bank accounts of the Catholic Church, a school of a religious order in Managua notified parents that as of this Thursday, July 6, “we will no longer be accepting payments through (the) way (de) transfer or card deposit”. The study center stressed that they will only accept “cash payments”.

In a brief notification, the Catholic center explained that they expect “the support and understanding” of the parents before this measure, without delving into whether the causes of the impediment are related to the persecution of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo against the priests and leaders of the Catholic Church.

On May 26, the Ortega government ordered the freezing of the bank accounts of all the parishes, alleging alleged indications of «criminal movements in the coffers of the catholic dioceses».

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The Catholic hierarchy is silent about this police investigation and closure of bank accounts, however, ecclesiastical sources have reported that the government would have confiscated some 500,000 dollars that the Diocese of Estelí had, which would be used for the construction of a clinic.

Notification from the Catholic school.

Likewise, the sources detailed that the money was part of a loan made by the international organization Catholic Relief Services (CRS) since 2012.

The Sandinista regime maintains, through its propagandists, that the seized money is part of “money laundering” operations carried out by Catholic authorities “with the complicity” of bankers or workers of financial institutions.

For their part, the authorities of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Ministry, through a letter, informed the directors of the Catholic schools that the administration of Private Centers of the Mined would be in charge of paying the respective salaries of the teachers. In the letter, the religious entity stressed that the salary supplement for teachers “will be assumed with the collection of monthly payments, because the accounts are still frozen” due to the investigation process.

Last month, the head of the departmental delegation of the Ministry of Education (Mined) in Managua, Sergio Marketmet with the teachers of the subsidized parochial schools of the capital and during that meeting, apart from giving the salaries to the teachers due to the blocking of the bank accounts of the Church, Mercado intimidated and promoted political proselytism by affirming that this payment was possible “thanks to the good government” of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

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