Iglesia católica critica a servidores públicos: «Nunca están donde deben estar»

Catholic Church criticizes public servants: “They are never where they should be”

In the Dominican Republic, doing an errand “no matter how insignificant” is a waste of time and energy. This, because the public servers They are never where they need to be.

This was stated by Father Domingo Legua Rudilla this Good Friday during the reading of the last of the seven words that Jesus spoke before his death. The religious said that each person must be located in time and space and should not get lost in what corresponds to do.

«In life there are not only people who get lost but they remain lost and this is the dramatic thing. (…) Running an errand is a huge waste of time and energy: here it is not, go to another office. The director is not here, you come later. System crashed, come back later”the reverend criticized the services offered in many State institutions while addressing the parishioners who were listening to the customary Sermon of the Seven Words, read in the First Cathedral of America.

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The seventh word, developed by Tongue, located in Luke 23:46, says: “Father, in your hands I entrust my spirit”that basically what Jesus did was deliver his soul to where it belongs, heaven.

Earlier, the Catholic Church asked for this that there be equality in the Dominican Republic and that families be sought an “urgent” way out so that stability and social security are guaranteed.

During the reading of Sermon of the Seven WordsMonsignor Faustino Burgos Brisman made a simile on the second word, “Today you will be with me in paradise”and the society that is persecuted in the country.

“Today you will be with me in paradise. It is the longing that many want to hear. Let’s not become deaf and indifferent to this cry, “said Monsignor Burgos Brisman.

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