Castillo was dismissed for not having the support of the Armed Forces, says analyst

Castillo was dismissed for not having the support of the Armed Forces, says analyst

Luis Fernando Nunes, internationalist political scientist, gave an interview to NPY where he explained that the Peruvian Congress removed President Pedro Castillo using an article of the Constitution that speaks of moral incapacity. This, after the coup attempt that the president gave three hours before dissolving Congress.

The president tried to take refuge in an embassy but the police have arrested him and sent him to the prefectural jail, where the temporary prisoners are. The family also left the palace and it is suspected that they went to the Mexican embassy. The vice president of Peru, Dina Boluarte will be the first female president,” she noted.

The failure of the dissolution of the Peruvian Congress occurred due to the lack of support from the Military Forces. Castillo, not having this support, only had to flee the Palace and seek political asylum in the Mexican embassy.

“The measures to close the congress, close the Constitutional Court were not supported by the army, so since they did not have the support of the Armed Forces, they decided to leave the Palace,” he said.

This third attempt at impeachment against Castillo began last Saturday at noon. The other two unsuccessful attempts failed due to the lack of the 87 necessary votes. However, for this new trial, 101 votes from 130 legislators were reached.

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