Castillo: "I will be the first to address the new president of Congress to talk"

Castillo: “I will be the first to address the new president of Congress to talk”

The president of the Republic, ruled on the election of the new president of Congress, which will take place on Monday, September 12, after the censorship of ().

During the ceremony for the Day of the Peruvian Family, which was held at the Government Palace, the head of state announced that he will be the first to talk with the new head of Parliament to stop the confrontation between the two powers of the State.

I know that tomorrow the Congress of the Republic is going to elect its new president and, from here, I must announce to the country that I will be the first to address the new president to sit down to talk and look at the great family and the people Peruvian to develop these laws, and that the Executive and the Legislative, let’s stop this useless confrontation that is not good for the country”, Castillo Terrones said.

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But let us look and convene the great family without any discrimination so that the laws are made for all Peruvians”, he added.

The president also called on the new regional and municipal authorities that will be chosen on October 2 to work transparently and in favor of citizens.

I call on the mayors and governors who are going to be elected in this new contest to do so in the face of great need and to work with transparency. and that the resources that we invest in the works are spent with transparency. Every penny is money of all Peruvians”, he pointed out.

New President of Congress

There are six candidates for the Presidency of Congress: Jose Elijah (We can Peru), Guido Bellido (Free Peru), Louis Aragon (People’s Action), Jose Maria Balcazar (Peru Bicentennial), Carlos Zeballos (Integrity and Development) and Joseph Williams (Country advances).

As it is recalled, last Monday, September 5, the Parliament censured Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress) for the leaking of an audio in which César Acuña is heard pressing her for the approval of a bill on the creation of the district of Alto Trujillo.


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