Castillo government criticizes slave show during a wedding in Peru

Castillo government criticizes slave show during a wedding in Peru

Indigenous people as servants and handcuffed slaves were part of the setting for the wedding of the daughter of a former Peruvian presidential candidate and a Spanish aristocrat

The nuptial link between Belén Barnechea, daughter of former presidential candidate Alfredo Barnechea, and the Spanish aristocrat Martín Cabello de los Cobos, held in the city of Trujillo, Peru, on April 9; has raised a wave of indignation in the South American country. The reason? the performances of people disguised as indigenous people doing domestic chores and as slaves as part of the setting of the wedding party.

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Since last week, videos of the party with a “vice royal theme” have caused discomfort and rejection. The Ministry of Culture of Peru was the last to join: “We reproach the inappropriate use of our cultural diversity for commercial or leisure reasons, since it affects” that it is perceived as “something exotic”, it tweeted this Thursday, April 14 Racism Alertthe state platform that confronts ethnic-racial discrimination in the Andean country.

Wedding with slaves and indigenous people in Peru

As part of the celebrations of their ecclesiastical wedding, the bride and groom walked along a pedestrian street in Trujillo, where a band of musicians and a group of young women with long braids and dressed as indigenous people were stationed, sitting on the ground with baskets and utensils, pretending to cook or knit; other half-naked men walked with hunched backs, tied with ropes between them, as if they were the pawns of a pre-Columbian authority.

Peru, like Mexico, was a viceroyalty of Spain (16th century). The viceroyalty constituted the highest territorial and political-administrative expression that existed in Spanish America and was intended to guarantee the dominion and authority of the peninsular monarchy over the recently discovered lands.

In addition, several captaincies were created, such as those of Venezuela, Guatemala, Chile and Quito, which had governments independent of the viceroyalties.

mass rejection

The images of the wedding went viral and deserved massive rejection on social networks by citizens, NGOs and anti-racism groups.

Chirapaq, the most experienced NGO in the defense of the rights of the Andean and Amazonian peoples, posted one of the videos of the party on Twitter and explained that cultural diversity “is a value.”

The Barnecheas

So far, none of the protagonists or Alfredo Barnechea himself has faced the questions.

Alfredo Barnechea is a Peruvian writer, journalist and politician. He was a presidential candidate for the party People’s Action to the general elections in Peru that took place on April 10, 2016, in which he came in fourth place.

He is a member of the Peruvian Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, corresponding to the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences of Spain.

Belén, known as “the jet reporter”, is the only daughter of the Inca intellectual and politician. The young woman has her own brand, Delicacy Housein Madrid, the city where he lives.

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