Castillo and his close ties to informal miners found in Sarratea's house

Castillo and his close ties to informal miners found in Sarratea’s house

An old alliance under the spotlight. The violent demonstrations in different regions of the country –mainly Puno– would be the consequence of old pacts signed by the then presidential candidate of Peru Libre,with leaders of illegal mining.

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One of the pieces of evidence was found in the house of the Sarratea passage, in Breña.

That six-story building, which was previously owned by the very friendly Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez –currently a fugitive– remains guarded by the National Program for Seized Assets, attached to the Ministry of Justice.

Southern connections

Panorama revealed that the Prosecutor’s Office found on the third floor, where the professor stayed during the electoral campaign, a recognition of the “bicentennial president ”.

The distinction was delivered by the “La Rinconada and Lunar de Oro campaign mining magisterial command, from the Puno region – Peru.”

This is a compromise between the presidential candidate and leaders of one of the most damaging economic activities for the country.

For the National Police, the mining sector of La Rinconada has been in charge of supplying protesters with clandestine and highly volatile material that was used in the burning of police stations and other public institutions in Puno.

In addition, El Comercio published some chats from the WhatsApp group “El Aymarazo”, whose members speak of “burning down the police station” and that “La Rinconada is going to collaborate with cartridges”.

Peru21 agreed to an agreement signed in May 2021, during the campaign, between Peru Libre – at that time represented by Dina Boluarte – and leaders of the National Council of Small-Scale Peruvian Mining, which groups the Federations of Artisanal Miners of Puno, Cusco, Apurímac, Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Huánuco, Ancash and Cajamarca.

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More secrets of the house of Sarratea

In the house of Sarratea -center where acts of corruption were developed in the regime of According to the Prosecutor’s Office, a finely finished blue jacket was also found, with the signature of the renowned Peruvian designer José Miguel Valdivia, and a liquiliqui (typical Venezuelan suit).

They even found reserved envelopes from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that should remain protected at the Torre Tagle headquarters. These papers were 56 official invitation cards that should never have left the Chancellery.

He also treasured in that house campaign vests from the national command of Peru Libre, a wooden varayoc inlaid with gold metal, and a red Bolivian poncho, which was mentioned so much during the demonstrations.

The ex-governor’s red poncho bears an inscription on the chest: “Santiago de Huata municipal autonomous government, memory of Roberto Huaycho Villca, municipal mayor from the period 2015 to 2020 of the province of Amasuyos – Bolivia.”


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