Cartes defies Justice with his new candidacy

Cartes defies Justice with his new candidacy

Horacio Cartes, former president of the Republic, registered his candidacy for president of the National Republican Association (ANR) on Wednesday morning. He did so accompanied by Santiago Peña and Pedro Alliana, who also presented their candidacies for the presidency and vice-presidency of the Republic for Chartism.

Both Cartes and Peña and Alliana were accompanied by Magnolia Mendoza and Eduardo González, legal advisers to the party.

José Alberto Alderete, first vice president of the ANR, and a politician close to Cartes, accompanied the delegation. He stated that the registration of the other candidates will take place in the coming weeks.

“With faith in God. In the conviction of teamwork. We will later register the other candidates. We have time until June 16. We with the proxies have 24,256 national, regional and partisan candidacies. We believe that the ‘Honor Colorado’ movement will register around 30,000 candidates throughout the country”, he said.

What is striking is that Cartes was linked to a mega money laundering scheme last weekend. Just three days after the scandal, he exposes himself to public opinion, registering his candidacy.

Víctor Raúl Benítez, political analyst, pointed out that this situation generates two hypotheses; The first is that Cartes tries to imply that this situation does not affect him at all. While the second hypothesis is that Cartes tries to hide that he is not affected by anything, that he is “super” powerful and that he will wait for the pressure and accusations to subside to withdraw his candidacy. With the aim that Peña is not touched.

“I suspect that Cartes still has the implicit approval of the United States Government to continue surviving in a political world despite the questions. For them it is better to maintain a conservative government than the opposition wins and install a leftist government. It doesn’t matter if it is punctuated by crime or crimes, it is better to keep conservative models”, he stated.

A Seprelad report, which was leaked to the press, reveals serious inconsistencies in the Cartes group’s business. Some of them deal with striking money transfers to political actors close to the former president. Some of them are Sergio Godoy, Basilio “Bachi” Núñez and Erico Galeano.

Víctor Raúl Benítez, political analyst.

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