Cartagena is now the most expensive city in Colombia

Cartagena is now the most expensive city in Colombia

The National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane) announced that, in May 2022, Cartagena became the most expensive city in Colombia, with a monthly inflation of 1.34%.

(Inflation eased in May: annual change was 9.07%).

In the capital of Bolívar, the increase in the variation of the monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) is attributed especially to increases in the electricity tariffwhich contributed 0.24% to the monthly figure for the city, and the rice price, with a contribution of 0.14%.

Likewise, according to the statistical entity, after Cartagena, the cities that registered the highest variations in the CPI for the month of May were Santa Marta with a variation of 1.22%, Hunting with 1.10%, Barranquilla with 1.06% and Sincelejo with a figure of 1.04%.

In contrast, the cities with the lower inflations in the fifth month of 2022 were, in order, Neiva with a monthly variation of 0.43%, Popayan with 0.54% and Armenia with 0.65%.


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